Monday, June 12, 2006

NECC 2006: San Diego here I come!

K2K Connections and Collaborations: Get Your Project and Partner Here

It's no surprise that collaborations are on the rise using interactive videoconferencing.

Join me, along with fab co-presenter Scott Merrick at NECC, Friday July 7th at 11:00am to catch a glimpse of successful projects, meet potential partners AND leave with a project in-hand (or at the very least- great ideas)!

Note to all attending: This showcase will only be as effective and successful as your participation and desire to start a project! To maximize our 30 minutes, this session will include "SPEED MATCHING" so PLEASE BRING a minimum of 12 business cards with you to exchange with potential collaborative partners. In past NECC attendees received small personalized cards- these will work great too. IF you do not have pre-printed personalized cards- please arrive early to fill out a few.

Helpful information to hand to a potential partner:
Email address
Phone number
Grade level
Preferred content area for collaboration

IF you are seeking ideas for K2K connections- the most concise resource is Janine Lim's Two-Way Interactive Connections in Educationwebsite. Janine is also presenting at NECC - be sure to attend her sessions, as she is the inspiration of MANY Educational IVC leaders!

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