Wednesday, June 04, 2008

08-09 Projects and ideas...

Why is it that before the students are even done- I find myself dreaming, scheming and planning for next year?

Chime in with your thoughts, comments OR IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in any of the following:

Rediscovery Expedition of the Lady Elgin- Begins September 8th:
Take your students along on the Milwaukee Public Museum’s field expedition to the Lady Elgin. Known as the Titanic of the Great Lakes, this historic paddleboat steamer sank in Lake Michigan in 1860. The expedition begins the week of September 8th, 2008 with a live interactive videoconference where your students become the official storytellers/reporters of this exciting rediscovery expedition. They will see and hear from the divers first hand, and will be able to interact by asking questions. Then they will explore with the expedition team the artifacts, ROV data and maps to uncover what happened on September 8, 1860, find out who was onboard and why, and learn how this disaster is connected to their hometown!

Adventure Kids Learning- March 2009:
Follow the 2009 AKL team by blogging, emailing and SKYPING team members
in Guatemala from Mayan ruins and the water tank building site.

Was your community a stop on the Underground Railroad?
We're developing ideas to create a collaborative project (grade 3 and up) to connect communities across the country that were stops on th UR. Ideas?

Your additions are welcomed and encouraged! Email Joan Roehre or post here!

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