Friday, May 26, 2006

IVC Teachers' Choice Awards

IVC guru Janine Lim, (of "Out on a Limb" blog-fame) has announced the 2006 Teachers' Choice Awards for Best Content Providers!

We've connected with many but not all! Check out the best of the best:

Best Fine Arts Museums & Organizations
Center for Puppetry Arts
The Cleveland Museum of Art
Best Historical Museums & Organizations
Conner Prairie
Library of Congress
Best Multidisciplinary Museums & Organizations
Baseball Hall of Fame
Museum of TV & Radio, California
Best Science Museums & Organizations
COSI Columbus
COSI Toledo
Best Zoos & Aquariums
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Indianapolis Zoo

2006 Best New Content Providers
Alaska Sea Life Center
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

How do I update the firmware on my shoes?

Ok- this is a stretch in regards to videoconferencing HOWEVER maybe it could be "long-distance running technology"?

Apple and Nike have now teamed up to create shoes with built-in iPod sensors so you can data track your work-out and instantly access "power-boost" tunes! How cool is that?

It might even motivate someone like me to power run- I mean walk.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kudos to fellow K-12 VC Bloggers-

Have you heard the old saying, "A shoemakers children never have shoes?"

After weeks of vc flurry- I FINALLY had a chance to catch up on what others are doing in K-12 VC-land :-)

New York:
WOW! Andrea Isreli adding vc to a project called, "A Square of Life" (students measure a square meter of ground and record what they find) and comparing results between students in NY & AZ. Check out her blog posting on the exchange!

As always- Janine Lim (my vc hero) is cooking up cool stuff! Check out THIS link to her blog posting on the Musical Geography of America

Students from Missouri and Ohio have been exchanging clues about their states and cities for the past month. The classes collected items that their students felt represented their community and sent them to each other through US mail prior to the videoconference. What an amazing problem solving activity that enhances geography, measurement, communities reading and writing!

Scott Merrick (who I SWEAR has more hours in his day than ANYONE I know) is always seeking new and improved ways to communicate- podcasting, blogging, desktop IVC'ing AND gettin all WIKI with it! Check out his NECC challenge and submit a brief video on how YOU are using desktop IVC in your classroom!

Great job all ye movers and shakers in K-12 VC-land! J-ro

Friday, May 12, 2006

Wisconsin History Mystery

Almost 800 4th grade students videoconferenced across the state in the first ever Wisconsin History Mystery! It was a fun and exciting project that combined state history and oral language standards.

Check out some memorable moments below and think about participating next year to make MORE Wisconsin history!

Thank you teachers, students and tech coordinators for making it a success! Joan

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where in the world is

I know the MANY faithful readers of my blog have inquired as to the lack of postings. Long story short- I have been playing catch-up since returning from the TRIP OF A LIFETIME to Ireland with my family!

I am posting ONE picture of the many taken- and it isn't a cliff or a castle- but a mural in Belfast that speaks volumes about how far we have yet to go in practicing peace and acceptance.

Expect a posting on the Wisconsin History Mystery NOW CONNECTING IN A CLASSROOM NEAR YOU!

Peace- Joan

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