Friday, September 07, 2007


Welcome back everybody!

I begin this year with a "rebuild" attitude! Last year I was refocused to concentrate on media production so my DL baby had to fend for itself quite a bit. After a week of enthusiastic requests regarding so many VIDEO CONFERENCE questions and ideas- LOOK OUT!

Here's what's on the table as I blog:

WAY cool professional development initiative:
Desktop videoconferencing for mentors and their initial educators! iSights and webcams going in to the hands of new teachers so they can touch base regularly, seamlessly and anytime/anyplace with their mentors! Anyone out there finding success with Mac to PC desktop vc solutions? I've used iVisit in the past, now looking at xmeeting, Polycom PVX and anything else I can google!

Kindergarten Collaborations back in full swing:
K classes that meet regularly (within the district) to collaborate on common curricular units- The Neighbor Show, author studies, MLK and more. I've said it before and I'll say it again- some of the best collaborations I've seen have been with partners in our own backyard! VC technology is great for global accessibility- but don't forget that it opens your world to other students right in your own community! (our district has distinct urban AND rural schools)

CILC Symposium (formerly the Keystone Conference) IS BACK!!!
Indianapolis, November 13-14
The conference where K-20 videoconferencing and collaborative technology leaders connect, interact and learn!

More info:

Again- HAPPY NEW YEAR and as always- I look forward to hearing from any of you interested in projects, collaborations ideas and ???

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