Monday, September 12, 2005

Announcing 2006 Kenosha Collaborative: A KUSD 3rd grade videoconference exchange!

Pair up with another KUSD 3rd grade class and exchange a piece of Kenosha History!

The Kenosha Collaborative is a 45-minute videoconference for third grade classrooms within KUSD May 3-12, 2006.

Each class will deliver a 10-15-minute presentation to their videoconference “partner”, on a unique event, location or person from Kenosha’s rich past.

Registration will take place in late March 2006. You will be notified of your partner class, session date and time in early-April. The classroom connections will be scheduled starting Wed 5/3/2006 and ending Fri 5/12/2006.

Be creative! students may perform skits, sing songs, use images or original artwork to aid in your presentation.

Any remaining time will be allowed for student interaction, idea exchange and questions.

The goal of this event is to increase student awareness of local historical events, as well as practice oral presentation skills in a live, interactive connection.

Grade 3 Social Studies Standards:
1: Understands and knows how to analyze chronological relationships
2: Understands historical perspective

If you are interested in participating- keep checking the blog regularly OR watch your email for updates!

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