Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy District Staff Development Day!

I am not sure if it's appropriate to send a card or flowers for District Staff Development Day!

I guess I'll just post to the blog :-)

Already this year, KUSD students/staff have virtually traveled to Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and more! From those experiences, they met kids in Florida, New Jersey, New York, Indiana, Michigan and who knows where else?

The best part about all of these wonderful, engaging opportunities is:

1. They NEVER left the building
2. Their teacher NEVER had to deal with permission slips (or lack thereof)
3. They NEVER had to board a bus
4. Everyone was back from their field before lunch
5. Never had to board a bus
6. Never had to board a bus

What's on the KUSD videoconferencing calendar?

"Live from the Heart"- Interactive cardiac surgery (YES- talk to the surgical team DURING the procedure) ITA
Meet a Forensic Anthropologiist- Reuther
"What to do with all the poo?"- Stocker
How Animals are used in Research- ITA
Sharing Nursery Rhymes K2K Connection- Southport & Somers
Social Issues; Survey, Debate & Discussion- Tremper & students from Plainedge, NY

Is YOUR class scheduled to participate in a videoconference opportunity? Would you like a collaborative partner to share projects with? Would you like to see your students develop and improve communication, problem-solving, creative and analytical thinking skills? I will work with you to create an event(s) that will meet your classroom needs and bring the world to your students!

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