Thursday, October 13, 2005

Welcome Future Educators!

I had the honor of speaking with a group of adult students from National Louis University who chose to leave their "day jobs" and seek teacher certification. The group included an airline pilot, insurance claims adjuster, "paper-pushers" and more. (I am STILL not sure of the one that claimed to be with the CIA so if there is never a posting from me after this- consider it to be true!)

In this 2+ year accelerated program, classroom educators with real-world experience will enter an entirely new, challenging, baffling, exhausting and wonderfully rewarding realm. I cannot imagine more dedicated individuals than this group.

We discussed many aspects of distance learning; corporate uses, student/generational technological expectations, opportunities, global classrooms and outstanding content.

Will virtual field trips eventually replace going to a zoo or museum? Will this technology continue to break down cultural and social barriers? What technologies will be seamless tools for this wave of educators?

I am inspired by their energy (even at 9:30pm), committment and goals, and wish them all every success as they continue their journey!

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