Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Media Production Interactive Videoconference

A simple IP test with Max Graves at Northern Michigan University for an upcoming videoconference- turned in to a brainstorming session developing a program that will connect NMU broadcast communication students, public television crew (WNMU) and KUSD students!

The result is an addition to NMU's Career Pathway Interactive Videoconference (CPIV) Series. The media production installment will be hosted by WNMUTV staff, to include Emmy award winning Producers Sonya Chrisman, Bob Thomson, and/or Director of Broadcasting Eric Smith.

Discussion will focus on related careers, academic preparation, degree programs, job demand/growth, salary expectations, volunteer/intern opportunities, career options and student interests and backgrounds.

From the WNMU broadcast studios, we will be joined by students with Northern Michigan University Public Eye News, a live news cast produced, directed, and run by an all-student crew, for a behind the scenes look at a student run-production.

The Media Production CPIV is for students in grades 8-12. There is a $50.00 fee.

Program dates and times will soon be made availbale.

Here are some related links provided by NMU:

  • NMU's Career Pathways


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