Monday, December 19, 2005


Today- Peter Rabbit stood trial for trespassing and Mr. MacGregor was accused of attempted murder!

Defense and prosecution teams from Harvey Elementary (Mrs. Roach's class) put Mr. MacGregor, Peter Rabbit, Mrs. Rabbit and Sparrow on the witness stand for cross-examinations.

Jurors from Roosevelt Elementary (Mrs. Adams class) deliberated and found the defendants guilty on all counts!

An AMAZING job was done by all students and teachers! I know there are some future lawyers out there!

The lesson idea is from "Fairy Tales on Trial" which engages students in cooperative teamwork to create each case, to work as prosecution and defense teams, as well as to deliberate and make decisions.

What's next? Little Red Riding Hood suing the wolf for harassment? What about the Three Little Pigs accusing the Big Bad Wolf of vandalism?

Want to try it in your classroom? This videoconference collaboration is FREE - and I can assist you every step of the way!

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