Friday, January 06, 2006

2006 Leadership in Technology Winners- OUR VERY OWN...

KUSD kindergarten teachers Lynette Powers (Southport) and Kim Frost (Somers) have been selected as the 2006 Wisconsin State Reading Association's Leadership in Technology winners!

Their students meet via videoconference on a regular basis to share curriculum projects with their assigned buddies.

This year they've exchanged projects such as "All About Me", "Animal Riddles" and "Monsters". There are more connections scheduled, culminating with a face-to-face meeting in May! It's amazing to watch the progress of these students. From camera-shy to mini Oprah Winfreys in less than a year's time!

Congratulations Lynette and Kim! You are truly educators with desire and vision and THAT is what it takes to be leaders!

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