Thursday, January 26, 2006

When good technology goes bad...

Did you ever have just ONE OF THOSE DAYS when nothing works?

How do you keep it all together when you have fifty 4th graders waiting to hear Tall Tales from a coupla Southern gents and no can do?

What do you say to fifty kindergarteners who are waiting, fidgeting and staring at you while painful audio feedback at the remote site makes your eyes water and your fillings hurt? (THIS, by the way was all before 11:00am)

I haven't even mentioned the teachers yet with patience that would rival Mother Theresa -

At what point do you give up and say- "Game over- ain't gonna work?"

NEVER! Because you know you'll MAKE it work even at 128k and the audio is FINE!

NEVER! Because you've now memorized all 3 IP numbers and you can redial faster than the speed-dial when you are dropped for the umpteenth time!

NEVER! Because you know all YOU had to get excited over in elementary school was the "DING" when your teacher let you advance to the next frame on the filmstrip that was accompanied by a tape recorded narrator!

NEVER! Because you KNOW there are 100 GOOD days when 100 students experience SUCCESSFUL, FLAWLESS connections that expand their world! Connections that promote collaboration, acceptance, diversity and global learning.

THANK YOU Kim, Deb, Lynette & Diane for sticking it out with me and the cursed technology today! Your patience and support are exemplary!

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