Thursday, March 02, 2006

The funniest, most engaging Read Across America EVER!

How does toilet paper tie in to Read Across America?

It all makes sense when a class from Texas starts their RAA connection by telling us that the most common place they all read was... in the bathroom :-) When they determined this- they decided to begin their presentation with a mini-science lesson "What happens AFTER you read and flush?" After a moment of "getting in to costume" (which really meant draping themselves in toilet paper) they explained to our Stocker Elementray students the process of sewer pipes and the journey to a water treatment plant. Then- a brief overview of the purification process- water gets re-admitted to a nearby, large body of water. For the kids in Texas- the Gulf of Mexico. For the kids in Kenosha- Lake Michigan.

After the fun and VERY informative intro- the kids took turns presenting their RAA program.

Knowing Wisconsin is a large manufacturer of paper products- I followed my hunch and took it to the internet only to find out that Wisconsin is home to the nation's top 3 toilet paper manufacturers: Charmin, Northern & Cottonelle! Add to that- the #1 toilet mfg- Kohler Corp. AND Glade Air Freshener (SC Johnson Wax)!!! WOW – and people just think we’re a bunch of cheeseheads!

Following presentations- we shared our newfound facts with the students from Texas- and wrapped up an amazing RAA session! Which is too bad- because the kids were really "on a roll!" ( I HAD to add that)

Many thanks to teachers Alicia Kerr, Meg Fisher and Library Media Specialist Susy Siel for a wonderful reading, science and geography experience!

Happy 101st Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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