Thursday, July 06, 2006

NECC 2006!

Hey y'all! (see what happens when I start hangin with my buds from Tennessee?)

Well- I am here and all I can say is wow! One item to note is compared to IVC session attendance in NOLA 2004, I'd say the number of filled seats has tripled. I am SO thrilled to see that!

I also must state AGAIN that the BEST aspect of NECC is the human network that takes place. I have already met some amazing teachers and I know our paths will cross again (at least virtually) in the near future.

I have attended media content sessions as well- and continue to be amazed at the creative genious so many of you posess! Our students are so blessed to have so many enthusiastic visionaries guiding their path.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS before Fri 7/7- here's my shameless self-promotion of my IVC SHowcase session at 11:00am in 24C. Think NECC for the A-D-D crowd and you'll get a teacher collaboration session that mimics "SPEED-DATING". You have to experience it to believe it!

Lastly- I cannot begin to say how amazing it is to see my IVC pals, heroes and mentors FACE-TO-FACE! Janine, Scott, Kecia, Alex, Elaine, Jan, Ruth, Dawn, Tim and many more! Once a year just isn't enough (although maybe it is enough of ME for YOU :-)

Peace and stay tuned for pics and banter- J.Ro

I have to thank YOU, lady, publicly, for all the help you've been to me. I really look forward to your session tomorrow. See you today at the SIGIVC meeting!
I would have loved to go to NECC, but went to the Model Schools Conference in Orlando instead. Schools in our area are getting on the Dr. Dagget "band wagon". Good stuff and back to basics stuff, but also recycled info put into a different package.

I do have a question for you. I am preparing an online, asynchronous class entitled "Videoconferencing in the Classroom". It will be offered through Heartland Area Education Agency #11 in Johnston to the teachers in the school districts we serve I am wrting to seek permission to use the QuickTime video entitled "Portable Videoconferencing and You!"

Please contact me at if you need further clarification. I can be reached at 800-362-2720

Thank you!

Wade Andersen
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