Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Coming soon to a Wisconsin 4th grade classroom near you:

Registration opens next week! Check here for updates and registration info!

2nd Annual
Wisconsin History Mystery
Statewide 4th Grade Videoconference Project
May 7-11, 2007

Looking for a way to enrich your Wisconsin history lessons?
Pair up with a 4th grade classroom somewhere
in our great state for an interactive videoconference event!

Each classroom delivers a prepared 10-minute presentation with clues about any significant event,
person, invention, activity or location from Wisconsin’s rich past.
You may use skits, songs, still images and/or original artwork. Creativity is encouraged!

After each class presents their “History Mystery,” students work as a team to research their partner’s clues using any/all available resources: notes, print, on-line…
After the allotted research time, students have an opportunity to ask their partners three yes or no questions. If necessary, a re-evaluation period is granted before the mysteries are guessed and revealed.

Important Dates:

Statewide Registration:

Partners Assigned and Participants
notified by: 4/17/07

Equipment/Connection Tests:

Schools must have IP (H.323)
capability to participate.
Be sure to check with your tech support staff
for your options!

Email Joan Roehre

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