Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Parents: Your child will be visiting the Bahamas this morning but they'll be back by recess.

From Wisconsin to the Bahamas, hundreds of students met and exchanged facts, songs, cultures and friendships!

In a series of eight iChat connections between schools on Eleuthera and classes from KUSD at Stocker, McKinley El., Harvey and KTEC- students shared snow, cracked conk, national symbols, laughs and real-world learning!

Temperature in Eleuthera: 78F
Temperature in Kenosha: -3F

Library Media Specailist Susy Siel is the kingpin of the connections! Her continuing efforts make these experiences real and invaluable to our students!

For the poor souls that had to endure the stateside connections (and go home to SHOVEL) I thank every one of you! Your assistance make it all happen here and it WOULDN'T happen without each of your valuable contributions.

Comments, observations and more pictures will be posted soon- FEEL FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS!

What a wonderful school project! I would be extremely interested in knowing which school, which settlement, has the facilities on Eleuthera to make this happen, and who you coordinated with at that end.
Joan, all the connections were with iChat...I am curious as to how that worked with the cameras and microphones. Did you use external ones or use ones built into laptops?

Any tips to share on the technical side would be greatly appreciated. We have not gotten into using any desktop videoconferencing, but I know it is coming soon.

Thanks for sharing this awesome project! Roxanne
Thanks for the comments Robin! I can't seem to find an email address for you- so I'll make a few comments here and if you need more feel free to drop me a line-

The technology on Eleuthera is a challenge. At present- the only time we can videoconference with students there is when our teacher is down there with her MacBook and iSight camera. She has been there before and started inroads years ago. Before she returned this time, we scheduled 8 connections and kept our fingers crossed.

Bottom line is, we handle most of the coordination stateside and there. Although she has made significant progress there with library and technology access, we have a long way to go!
more details, please!! - which school, which settlement, which teachers/principals; also, how the camera system works...

dual interest: i'm in the training business, and i was raised on eleuthera.

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