Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kids are kids- no matter where :-)

KUSD student:
Q: What did you eat for lunch today? We had corndogs.
Bahamian student:
A: I had conch salad.

Bahamian student:
Q: What do you DO with the snow when you PLAY with it?
KUSD student:
A: We make snowballs, throw them at each other and go sledding.

KUSD student:
Q: What's the weather like where you are?
Bahamian student:
A: About 76 degrees, sunny but really windy

Bahamian student:
Q: What's your favorite sport?
KUSD student:
A: Basketball!
Bahamian student:

Comments from Stocker teacher Steve Hartfield via email:

Thank you both so very much for setting up the videoconference opportunity
with the students in Eleuthra. The experience benefited my students in three
ways: 1) the opportunity for them to "teach" to others the 4th grade
curriculum they learned, 2) the opportunity to learn about and utilize
district technology, and 3) the opportunity to discover the similarities and
differences of students from another part of the world. Thanks again!
Comments from Stocker teacher Nancy Federmeyer via email:

It was a great experience. All of this just blows my mind and that's what makes it so much fun!! Kids thought it was really cool to communicate with kids so far away and learn something about them! Thanks again to both of you!

Island Relief Charity out of Crystal Lake, IL ( is responsible for shipping tens of thousands of pounds of books to Eleuthera Island over the past 5 years. They are currently working with me on a book drive to ship books to the children we met in Hatchet Bay and The Bluffs on Eleuthera.

By working together we can create positive change. Thank you Lisa Krupp at Island Relief Charity, Joan Roehre with Kenosha Unified School District and Lang Hudepohl with Exceptional Education Outreach. The journey continues.....

Susy Siel
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