Monday, March 31, 2008

2008 WEMTA Conference NEXT WEEK!

The Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Conference begins next Sunday and if you are attending- and reading this blog- then you PROBABLY have an interest in educational videoconferencing!

Yours truly is presenting the following session at 1:00pm, Monday, April 7:


LOCATION: New Orleans Ballroom North (WADEN)

This session provides an overview of K2K videoconference collaboration resources such as the Wisconsin History Mystery, C.A.P. (Collaborations Across the Planet), specific videoconference blogs and more. Learn how to give your students the opportunity to interact with the global community and leave with potential projects and partners!

Think of my session as "speed dating" however, in this case- it's speed matching for teachers! I hosted this similar session at NECC - the pair-ups and networking were fantastic!

If you are planning on attending- bring business cards to share.I 'll have some blanks as well- but be ready to brainshare collaboration ideas- think of projects/units you may do in your classroom now that will benefit by adding a vc partner...........

I look forward to the conference and networking with everyone. NEVER underestimate the power of face-to-face!

If you have any questions on the Wisconsin History Mystery- track me down!

See you at WEMTA- Joan

This sounds really fun Joan! I hope you get a moment to report on how it went too. My greetings to all my VC friends in Wisconsin! :)
so do I TRY and ustream it Janine? Maybe keep twitter open during the preso- hhmmm..... so much tehnology- so little time-
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