Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3rd Annual
Wisconsin History Mystery
Statewide 4th Grade Videoconference Project
May 12-16, 2008

Looking for a way to enrich your Wisconsin history lessons?
Pair up with a 4th grade classroom somewhere in our great state for
an interactive videoconference event!

Each classroom delivers a prepared 10-minute presentation with clues about any significant event, person, invention, activity or location from Wisconsin’s rich past.
You may use skits, songs, still images and/or original artwork. Creativity is encouraged!

After each class presents their “History Mystery,” students work as a team to research their
partner’s clues using any/all available resources: notes, print, on-line…

After the allotted research time, students have an opportunity to ask their partners three yes or no questions. If necessary, a re-evaluation period is granted before the mysteries are guessed and revealed.

Important Dates:

Statewide Registration: April 14th-18th

Partners Assigned and Participants notified by: April 25th

Equipment/Connection Tests: May 5th-7th

Schools must have IP (H.323) capability to participate.
Be sure to check with your tech support staff for your options!

Stay tuned to this blog for project updates or
Email Joan Roehre

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