Monday, April 28, 2008

Post WHM Ideas here!

If you've participated in the Wisconsin History Mystery in the past- I cordially invite you to share your past topics here! We have quite a few new teachers just looking for starting points and I am looking to my WHM veterans to help out.

One popular format is to profile a few famous Wisconsinites or their inventions. Do you know of any of the following famous Wisconsinites?:

Gene Wilder
Orson Welles

William Horlick

Laura Ingalls Wilder
Frank Lloyd Wright

I am posting a few pictures from previous WHM's- one is recreating Jean Nicolet's canoe voyage and the other is WHM- Deal or No Deal style.

Please click on the "COMMENT" link below and share-

Hi, Joan, here is a link to some of our pictures from Texas History Mystery that might be helpful for your classes, too.

I LOVE that Deal or No, Deal idea.
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