Friday, May 23, 2008

Still going...Still going...

Wisconsin History Mystery meets the Energizer Bunny!
(sounds like a horror movie title!)

With 14 connections completed and 3 more left- the end is near!

So far- over 600 students from Kenosha, Shell Lake, Boyceville, Lena, Gillett, Birchwood, Eau Claire, Waterford, Oconto Falls, Siren, Hillsboro and Mequon have learned more about their state via video conference!

Still more conections next week with Peshtigo, Kenosha and Eau Claire!

I ask anyone who took pics to pick 1-2 of your favs and email them to me if you'd care to share!

I'll be videotaping next week to put together a little something on search engine techniques and tips for next year's WHM!

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far! I hope to finalize a BRIEF assessment for you soon-

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