Friday, May 09, 2008

WHM Update & Tip of the Day:

99% tests completed!

KUSD equipment loaded in to the trusty Saab trunk for delivery and set-up!
(Nash & Bose today)

Schools added! We will be having connections the week of 5/29 as well!
All sessions are full though- SORRY!
WHM 2009 if you weren't able to swing it this year :-(

Tip of the day: Visual clues reinforce audio clues!

Large yellow, poster-sized signs with bold, black lettering work the best!

Don't laminate signs- camera+glare=not so good :-)

Happy WHM 2008 everyone and good luck with your connections!

Also, the letters always need to be three times larger and bolder than you think you will need.
Good tip not to laminate. My mom always says, "Only laminate something if you want to keep it for 200 years." PS Joan. I'm Elizabeth Hauser from twitter. I'm finally paying some attention to my blog. Ooops! Your blog looks very useful :)
Thanks for the tips! We actually use cue cards in our video conferences, too. Anyone could say that we conduct our online meetings like we're some students from the 4th grade, but no. We want to make our presentations unique and lively. We usually hold our conferences in our Washingtion D.C. branch's meeting space. Washington D.C. branch's meetings space is very well lit, so your suggestion of not laminating the cards is applicable. There was one time that we did, and the other side of the video conference ended up just asking us to type what's written on it.

We use unique presentations and cue cards even in our face-to-face meetings at our Fairfax office space. Fairfax branch's meeting space is large, so we have to make sure that everyone who attends is awake and enthusiastic.
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