Monday, September 15, 2008

Back-to-School and diving in!

By now- everyone's back in the swing of things and
I am diving in full speed ahead with projects and updates!

We've started the year off partnering with schools from all over the Great Lakes region and the Milwaukee Public Museum with the "Rediscovery of the Lady Elgin" videoconference expedition.

Already cooking is an IVC book club and the book, "Hoot" by Carl Hiaasen. The book study will start in January- and I am creating a PBWIKI for participants to use throughout the project. Note: the PBWIKI is under construction- nothing too juicy there YET!

Also in the works is the Adventure Kids Learning IVC project from Guatemala in March 2009! I will be there hosting SKYPE connections from Mayan ruins and the village where we're installing water tanks.

LEST WE FORGET- the 4th Annual Wisconsin History Mystery in May for 4th graders across our great state! I'm shooting to pass 1000 students this year- SPREAD THE WORD!

As always- I welcome your participation, comments and questions!
Email Joan Roehre

Happy New School Year Everyone!

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